How Accessories Can Instantly Elevate A Basic Fit

How Accessories Can Instantly Elevate A Basic Fit

One of the best ways you can instantly improve a basic outfit is by adding accessories to accentuate certain parts of your outfit. Accessories can transform a very basic outfit into an outfit that turns heads. Although Coco Chanel said that you should take off two accessories before you leave the house, you shouldn’t wear off all accessories! Here are all the ways in which a few well-placed accessories can instantly transform a boring, everyday outfit so you can look stylish no matter where you’re going. 

Gym Outfits

You might not think that accessories can transform a gym outfit, but if you want to look stylish during your workout, you should be accessorising all of your gym outfits. There are many ways you can instantly elevate a gym fit through accessorising. As well as choosing matching gym sets or stylish workout clothes, you can elevate your gym fit by wearing stylish eco-friendly footwear. Wearing accessories such as a fit bit or sweatbands are great for two reasons – they elevate your outfit but also have practical uses. Git bits can help you track your gym progress, and sweatbands keep you cool during your workout. 

Business Casual

Just because you have to wear business casual for work doesn’t mean your outfits have to be boring. There are many ways you can accessorise your work outfits to look stylish on the commute. For example, investing in a great work bag (such as a briefcase or satchel) is a great way to add a bit of practical flair to your work outfit. If you go for a leather bag, make sure that you match the leather colour to your shoes and watch, to make your outfit look more cohesive. Jewellery is another great way to elevate a work outfit, as long as it is modest and simple – just make sure your workplace allows you to wear jewellery. 

Everyday Outfits

If you’re just running errands, you might not be thinking about how accessories can improve your outfit. However, there’s a reason that celebrities look great when running to the shops, and that’s because of tailored clothes and well-chosen accessories. Making sure your casual clothes and trainers match well in terms of colour and design is a great way to make a casual outfit look trendy yet relaxed. A trendy yet practical backpack also goes a long way to make your casual outfits look more fashionable, and like you’ve put more thought into your outfit. Using similar clothing brands is another top tip for making your outfit look cohesive. 

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If you’re a fan of wearing streetwear, you will know that there is an emphasis on wearing casual and hip-hop inspired clothing. It may seem like there aren’t many ways to add accessories to a streetwear outfit, but certain accessories can make many streetwear outfits look amazing. For example, snapback hats, trouser chains and cross-body bags are all very popular in streetwear. If you want to improve your streetwear looks, you should definitely consider adding a few of these accessories to your wardrobe. 

Beach Outfits

You don’t need to sacrifice your style even if you’re just going to the beach. There are many accessory swaps you can make to improve your casual beach look. For example, adding waterproof jewellery to your outfits is a great idea to add more bling to your look, even when you’re swimming in the sea. Cool hair clips are also a great idea if you want to keep the hair out of your face. Even switching your beach bag to a trendy straw tote bag is a great way to instantly make your beach outfit super trendy!

Formal Outfits 

If you’ve been invited to a formal event like a wedding or gala, you will know how hard it is to find elegant and classy accessories that go with your outfit. For formal occasions, you have to be less audacious or daring than you normally would be, as elegance is more important. However, there are many ways you can use accessories to improve a formal outfit. For example, adding a stylish clutch bag is a great way to elevate a formal outfit, as well as choosing shoes that complement the outfit well. Make sure the metals on the shoes and bag match the metals of the jewellery you wear, to make your outfit look more cohesive. 

Party Outfits 

There are endless possibilities for improving a party outfit through accessories, as you have more choices when it comes to dress codes and expressing your individuality. Going out dresses can be elevated by bags, hair accessories, jewellery, shoes, jackets and more. For example, matching sparkly dresses with a leather jacket and sparkly jewellery is a great way to mix aesthetics and create an interesting look. Matching your bag to the materials of your outfit is a great way to make your party outfit look cohesive. However, if most of your clothes are plain, adding sparkly accessories such as hair clips, belts, and bags is a great way to elevate a simple party outfit.

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